Interactive Art

Are you on a mobile device, ${user_name}? If so, this is gonna suck...
If you're on a desktop, it may suck as well. What you'll find on this page is a series of unfinished projects, demos, and games that I've worked on over the last few years.


The concept here was simple: Initial D-themed Mario Kart! In other words, a web-based arcade racing simulator with '90s japanese cars and a focus on drifting. This project was done in three weeks for a rapid-development class. Unfortunately, The final version was fairly broken and missing most visual effects. All assets were created by me.


lk is an interactive text game that I worked on once. It's currently incomplete and broken, and I don't have any plan to continue work on it. The goal was to merge the concept of a text-based game and a full-2d animated game, with the interactive console that fights you.


"Ball" is a more complete version of the demo that you just saw on the last page. It was one of the first projects that I ever made, and one of the most complete fully-digital projects.